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4th year ethical hacker currently crying into his dissertation (machine learning sucks).

Interests include red teaming/offensive security, phishing prevention, human centered security and Python.

I make people stressed…

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Title Info Github
“Phishy” Project aimed at protecting users of Android smartphones from email based phishing attacks (Dissertation) Work in Progress: A.K.A Private Repo
“Skeleton Key” A physical, modular pentesting device built on a Raspberry Pi Zero W (3rd Year Group Project)
“Call Defender” Call blocking Android application (3rd Year Android Dev)
“Evaluating the Effectiveness of PDF Malware Obfuscation Techniques” Project which involved applying obfuscation techniques to JavaScript based PDF malware generated by Metasploit (3rd Year Mini Project) N/A


  • Hacksoc 13/02/2019: “Obfuscating PDF Malware: How I “nearly” created a FUD” (Lightning Talk)
  • Hacksoc 31/10/2018: Halloween Slideshow Karaoke (I WAS DRESSED AS A BANANA)
  • Hacksoc 26/09/2018: “Working for Curious Frank” (Lightning Talk)


  • BSides Lisbon 2018
  • Scottish Universities Cyber Challenge 2018
  • BSides London 2018
  • Palo Alto EMEA Network Academy Day 2018 (Amsterdam)
  • Securi-Tay 2018
  • BSides Scotland 2017
  • Securi-Tay 2017
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