Formatting and Best Practise

A guide to formatting when committing to the Hacksoc wiki

By Isaac

There are a few things you'll need to consider when contributing to the Wiki when writing articles, creating new sections, and making general improvements.

This article will go over a few recommendations for formatting and best practise when editing the wiki.

General Tips

  • If you're adding a new section/directory, make sure to add a file with the name of the section as the title

  • If you're creating a new document or section, add it (and a link to it) in the file in the root of the wiki

  • Don't forget to add a by-line if you want to be credited for the article

    • If there's already a by-line for an article you're editing, just add your own name on

Editing using Markdown/Git

  • Make sure to adhere to the markdown guide

  • When naming files, try to avoid using spaces and capital letters, this is to avoid any context-sensitivity issues and aid linking to other places in the wiki

Editing using GitBook


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