Using Git

Guide to contributing to the wiki via Github

by @Sam1ser

You will need a Github account and a place where you can use git.

First you need to fork the repo, clone it, then synchronise it with the main repo:

  1. Create a fork of the main repository

  2. Clone your fork: git clone[username]/gitbook-wiki

  3. Change directory into the cloned repo: cd gitbook-wiki

  4. Add the main repo as an upstream remote: git remote add --track master upstream

Before you make any changes, you should always synchronise your fork to the remote repository:

  1. Pull the remote changes to your local upstream branch: git fetch upstream

  2. Merge those changes with your local master branch: git merge upstream/master

With this done, you can now edit or add wiki files. Once you've made the changes, you'll need to commit them, push them, then create a pull request:

  1. Add the changed files: git add [files u changed, or a wildcard, or a folder]

  2. Commit the changes locally: git commit -m "description of the changes you've made"

  3. Push the changes to your fork on Github: git push

  4. Finally, go to[username]/gitbook-wiki/pulls and open a pull request to request that your changes be added to the site.

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