• Moved all hacksoc/securi-tay sites from the old server to the new server
  • Installed the Discord bot under a systemd service
  • Created the subdomain and set a holding page


  • Installed postfix and opendkim for a local SMTP server (to be used for the Discord invite system)
  • Updated DNS accordingly to include SPF, DMARC and DKIM records
  • Got the new VPS IP removed from a bunch of blocklists
    • Emails are now received by uni email accounts, so, mission accomplished
  • Moved the bot across to the Hacksoc VPS


  • Started the new VPS replacing the old Debian 8 i386 droplet
  • Installed:
    • Nginx (Static files + Reverse Proxies)
    • PHP
      • php-mysql
      • php-xml
      • php-zip
      • php-curl
      • php-gd
      • php-mbstring
      • php-imagick
    • Apache2 (PHP Content, internal, to be proxied to)
    • certbot
    • MariaDB
      • Secured MariaDB
  • Created Nextcloud DB and DB User
  • Added Nextcloud for internal filesharing
    • Sorted SSL cert
    • Uploaded Minutes so far
  • Purged Snap for bloat