The Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF)

BeEF is a penetration testing tool that focuses on the web browser and facilities various client side attacks.

Getting BeEF

Supported Platforms

  • Debian

  • Ubuntu

  • MacOS

The projects Github wiki provides install instructions for those platforms.


  • Ruby 2.1 or higher

    • Ruby Version Manager

  • SQLite 3.x


  1. Install Ruby Version Manager

  2. Set Ruby version to 2.1.5

  3. Git clone BeEF

  4. Install Ruby Gems

  5. Done


Social Engineering

Web Cloner

The Web Cloner extension allows you to take a pixel for pixel clone, as far as is possible2), of a site and host it yourself. Cloned pages are modified on the fly to automatically hook any user that visits the page as well as intercept any form field POST requests.

The post 'BeEF web cloning, BeEF mass mailing, Social Engineering with better BeEF!' has a more detailed intro to the Web Cloner and a getting started using curl.


BeEf is included with Kali Linux. See:


Custom £600 fonts and social medial widgets are a PITA

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