• Updated the welcome screen


  • Pushed the Discord portal to fully live at discord.hacksoc.co.uk.

  • Removed access to unnecessary channels for unverified members (twitter log and join list)

  • Archived the 2021 AGM channel to NextCloud


  • Enabled the new Threads feature and altered permissions system to consolodate usage perms into the @everyone role, as per other perms.

  • Added the discord.hacksoc.co.uk automated signup site in early beta. It works, but doesn't look very pretty.

  • Added Hacksoc Helper vanity role


  • Added a grads channel


  • Added previous committee channel and transferred last year's committee into the previous committee role

  • Revamped the permissions system entirely

    • Added a Verified role and moved the permissions system to it rather than Member and Grad (now vanity) roles

    • Revoked implicit permissions from every role other than @everyone and Committee for easy permission handling

    • Reset explicit channel permissions and moved to implicit category permissions for roles where possible (setting overrides where necessary)

      • @everyone has read access to some of the Important category

      • Student Association has the same access, with a couple more Important Channels

      • Verified has access to virtually everything other than the Committee channels. No write access to important channels

      • Abertay Staff have similar access to Verified, but with no access to the help channels

  • Added the Bot role and assigned it to the hacksoc bot

  • Moved Sarah's welcome messages to the bot

  • Revamped the category design to include emojis

  • Removed the Fresher role from previous year freshers

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