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-Hello!+===== Hello! ​=====
-We're a group of Ethical Hacking students at [[http://​|Abertay University]] in sunny DundeeScotland who meet every Wednesday at 7pm in the [[https://​​maps/​place/​Abertay+University/ ​Hacklab at Abertay Uni]] to discuss information security.+Welcome to our wiki! To get startedhead to the [[wiki|index of wiki pages]]
-We also organise ​[[https://​|Securi-Tay]],​ Europe'​s ​only student-run information security conference.+We're a group of Ethical Hacking students at [[http://​|Abertay University]] in sunny Dundee, Scotland who meet every Wednesday at 7pm in the [[https://​​maps/​place/​Abertay+University/​ | Hacklab at Abertay Uni]] to discuss information security. Each meeting a talk is given, usually by one of our members, about a topic related to infosec. Go [[https://​​meetings|here]] for a list of the talks so far this year. 
 +Along with running our weekly meetings we are also known for organising our annual conference ​[[https://​|Securi-Tay]], ​which is Europe'​s ​biggest ​student-run information security conference, aimed to help students interact with industryOur members are known for attending many different conferences and events around the world, and you may have seen some of them presenting work at these events. Along with conferences the Abertay Hackers do appear regularly at many CTF events. 
 +Most of our members study at Abertay University which offers two courses related to information security, these are our Bsc(Hons) in Ethical Hacking and our Msc in Ethical Hacking and Cyber security. Both courses are very popular due to the hands-on teaching approach supplied by our lecturers and our modules which simulate work that we may face in a real-world environment. 
 +==== Links ==== 
 +[[https://​|Slack]] ([[guides:​slack|How to]])\\ 
 +[[https://​​r/​abertayhackers|Reddit]] ([[guides:​reddit|How to]])
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