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 ====== Shell Scripting ====== ====== Shell Scripting ======
-[[https://​​thiht/​shell-scripts-matter | Shell Scripts Matter]] ​"Everything ​you do for real code should be done for non trivial shell scripts... a summary of everything that canand should be done when writing shell scripts."​+Moved to [[programming:​bash| Bash Scripting]]. 
 +//While there are other shells like ''​Fish''​ and ''​Zsh''​ it's likely that the vast majority of shell scripting you do will be with ''​Bash''​ for this reason the Shell Scripting page has been deprecated in favour of the [[programming:​bash| Bash Scripting]] page.//  
 +In the words of the [[ https://​​thiht/​shell-scripts-matter | Shell Scripts Matter ]] article: 
 +"Use Bash by default, Sh if you have toTry to forget about Ksh, Zsh or Fish unless there are really good reasons to use themThis choice not only ensures your script will work virtually everywherebut also fosters comprehension of a script by the whole team. You don't write production ​scripts ​for yourself." ​
-===== Bash ===== 
-==== Resources ==== 
-  * [[https://​​styleguide/​shell.xml | Google Shell Style Guide]] 
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