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   * [[http://​​using-wireshark-to-decode-ssltls-packets/​|decrypt tls]] by importing the cert   * [[http://​​using-wireshark-to-decode-ssltls-packets/​|decrypt tls]] by importing the cert
   * [[https://​​HowToDecrypt802.11|decrypt WPA encrypted wifi]]   * [[https://​​HowToDecrypt802.11|decrypt WPA encrypted wifi]]
 +==== SSHdump ====
 +You can capture packets from an interface on a remote machine using SSH and tcpdump.
 +On Mac/Ubuntu this is built into Wireshark by default and you can select it as an option from the capture interface screen. (I think on Windows there'​s a plugin. Go find out and update this wiki!)
 +You just give it the SSH details and it runs tcpdump on the remote machine.
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