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 +====== Constitutional Reform ======
 +This EGM took place on 22 March 2017 to discuss suggested changes to the society constitution.
 +===== Attendance =====
 +===== Proposals =====
 +Proposed measures can be found on [[meetings:​2017-03-22:​discuss|meetings:​2017-03-22:​discuss]].
 +===== Voting =====
 +All measures passed by majority with slight adjustments. All of the changes are individually detailed on the wiki and can be seen at [[https://​​constitution?​do=diff&​rev2%5B0%5D=1490209664&​rev2%5B1%5D=1490551361&​difftype=sidebyside|diff 1490209664/​1490551361]].
 +The constitution as a whole was approved by majority, with an agreement to vote on the charities at the [[meetings:​2017-04-12|AGM]].
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