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Semester 2

Date(2019) Agenda Speakers Resources Attendees
16 January Welcome back and Dissertation Talks (Gamification in Cybersecurity, and Mobile Development frameworks) James and Ross 49
23 January Year in review Declan, Euan, Cara, Jordan and 53
30 January EGM The Committee 37
6 February Social Engineering for Beginners Tia C 54
13 February Lightning Talks (Obfuscating PDF Malware: How I “nearly” created a FUD, and 10 Fingerprints & 2 Iris Scans - Just To Pay For Electricity) Johnny and Zack 44
20 February Presentation Skills Workshop Moe 29
27 February AWS Security Crash Course Jack 51
6 March Securi-Tay Review and Chill The Committee N/A
13 March CTFs and Online Hacking Challenges Sam, Callan and Ross 43
20 March MMO Hacking on Pwnie Island Sam 41
27 March Committee Q&A and Role Descriptions The Committee 33
15th April AGM

Semester 1

Date (2018) Agenda Speakers Resources Attendees
12 September Welcome and Surviving Hacksoc 101 The Committee, Jess, Paul and Sarah C 115
19 September Hacking Tools Callan 88
26 September Internships and Work Placements Moe K, Johnny, Gayan, Harley W and Emilian C 84
03 September Cyber Security at Goldman Sachs Alan Henderson 91
10 October OSINT & Social Event Mikey 92
17 October Debate Night N/A 62
24 October Coursework Help N/A 32
31 October Slideshow Karaoke Sujoy, Moe, Tia, Adian, Chris, Ellora, Jonathon, Jess, Hanah, Jordan and Andrew 41
07 November Security Tips and Tricks Declan 46
14 November Lockpicking & Safe cracking workshop James, Ross and Sarah 68
21 November Splunk workshop from ENUSEC Dan Nash 57
28 November Lightning Talks (Spectre Meltdown Again, Disappearing: A Fugitives Guide, and An Overview of Secure Communication Platforms) Euan, Moe, Jess 46
05 December Blockchains and the Adult Entertainment Industry Paul 51
12 December Movie Night N/A 11
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