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 2nd year Ethical Hacker who loves making music and travelling. 2nd year Ethical Hacker who loves making music and travelling.
 +Secretary of HackSoc for 2019/2020.
 You can find me chatting shit in the slack fairly regularly as ''​@samiser''​. You can find me chatting shit in the slack fairly regularly as ''​@samiser''​.
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 {{https://​​profile_images/​973589145691086848/​uo8R-xqx_400x400.jpg}} {{https://​​profile_images/​973589145691086848/​uo8R-xqx_400x400.jpg}}
 +===== Projects =====
 +==== Home Lab ====
 +My home lab is composed of an Intel NUC, an old Intel Inspiron business computer I got second hand and a Synology 4-bay NAS. Both computers are running ProxMox and are used for virtualisation.
 +I run services such as a webserver (where my website is hosted), gitea, plex, and pfsense.
 +Some stuff I want to get working in future are link aggregation,​ VLANs and wireless VLANs.
 +For more info or for a good chat, come speak to me or pm me about the current state of the lab.
 +==== Python Discord Bot ====
 +A custom Discord bot to manage a music production server. Uses the python Discord API and SQLite for the database of users and posts. Essentially used to let a music rating channel be self-moderated while incentivising quality reviews with XP and discord rewards, like self-promotion.
 +[[https://​​Samiser/​roastie-bot-v2|Link to GitHub repo]]
 ===== Talks ===== ===== Talks =====
 +==== Immersive Labs w/ Ross ====
 +Essentially a talk discussing the features of Immersive Labs, what it's for,
 +why it's useful and why people should be using it. We gave some recommendations for challenges to try for each year. Also touched on other
 +similar platforms like TryHackMe, HackTheBox etc. The talk was followed by some time for attendees to sign up for Immersive Labs and have a go themselves.
 ==== MMO Hacking on Pwnie Island ==== ==== MMO Hacking on Pwnie Island ====
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 ===== Wiki Contributions ===== ===== Wiki Contributions =====
-[[guides:​homelab|A Homelab Guide]]+  * Did a **yuge** overhaul of the organisation of the wiki, mostly seen at [[:wiki|the home page]] 
 +  * Wrote this: [[guides:​homelab|A Homelab Guide]]
 ===== Links n Stuff ===== ===== Links n Stuff =====
-Twitter: [[https://​​Sam1ser|@Sam1ser]] \\ +  * Twitter: [[https://​​Sam1ser|@Sam1ser]] \\ 
-Soundcloud: [[https://​​samiser|Samiser]]+  ​* ​Soundcloud: [[https://​​samiser|Samiser]] ​\\ 
 +  * GitHub: [[https://​​samiser/​|Samiser]] 
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