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2nd year Ethical Hacker who loves making music and travelling. You can find me chatting shit in the slack fairly regularly as @samiser.

If you're working on something cool pls hmu and show me.



MMO Hacking on Pwnie Island

A workshop working through the 2015 CTF Pwn Adventure 3, an MMORPG designed to be hacked. The workshop covered reverse engineering a custom network protocol and the game binary, creating a python network proxy to listen, analyse, modify and inject packets, extracting game classes and creating a shared object library to preload and modify the game's behaviour.

CTFs and Hacking Challenges w/ Ross and Callan

This talk covered some of the solutions from the Tryhackme HackBack CTF event. Also, more generally, went over most basic CTF techniques and approaches to problem solving to encourage newbies to give them a try.


When What Where
March 2019 Conference & CTF: Le Tour De Hack 2019 Edinburgh, Scotland
March 2019 CTF: Tryhackme HackBack 2019 Dundee, Scotland
March 2019 Conference: Securi-tay 2019 Dundee, Scotland
January 2019 Conference: BSides Leeds 2019 Leeds, England
November 2018 Conference: BSides Lisbon 2018 Lisbon, Portugal
October 2018 Conference: Cyber Recoded 2018 London, England
October 2018 CTF: Scottish Universities Cyber Challenge Dundee, Scotland

Wiki Contributions

Twitter: @Sam1ser
Soundcloud: Samiser

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