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I will be slowly working on content for the site. Mainly looking at templates, slidedecks, organising sections etc. I also help organise our weekly 5-a-side football. If you have any questions, get me on the slack team @kyle. Using this profile as a way to learning how to use the wiki & its stupid syntax1).

Things I've Done

Date Title
29th March 2017 Talk: A summary of CyberUK17 (slides)
17th March 2017 Guide: A guide to PGP for MacOS
24th February 2017 Securi-Tay: Made the afterparty playlist & the afterdark one too :-P
6th February 2017 Code: Twitter for BitBar - add your Twitter feed to the menubar on macOS here
1st February 2017 Guide: Deploying Pi-Hole - a network based ad blocker
14th September 2016 Talk: Open Source Intelligence @ HackSoc
March 2016 Talk: ISIS Online with Mikey @ Bsides Ljubljana

Contact Me

  • HackSoc: (PGP Public Key)
  • Slack: @kyle
  • GitHub: @kylebx
  • Signal: Let me know if you prefer to chat via Signal.

Fuck social media

footnote use ftw🤘🏼
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