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Class of 2018 grad, associate security consultant @ Gotham Digital Science.

Implementing some of my work on Windows 10 hardening and ownCloud into the wiki as well as contributing guides to help future students

What I've done

Date Event
February 2016 Conference: Securi-Tay V
April 2016 Hackathon: RGUHack
August 2016 Conference: BSides Manchester
September 2016 Talk: Windows 10 - Why?
February 2017 Conference: Securi-Tay 2017
March 2017 Conference: CSA Summit 2017
March 2017 Conference: BSides Ljubljana
April 2017 Conference: BSides Edinburgh
June 2017 Conference: BSides London
August 2017 Conference: BSides Manchester
September 2017 CTF: CSAW CTF
November 2017 Conference: BSides Lisbon
December 2017 Conference: Blackhat EU
February 2018 Talk: iOS VPN Security
March 2018 Speaker/Conference: Securi-Tay 2018
March 2018 Speaker/Conference: BSides Ljubljana
May 2018 Speaker/Conference: Securi-Tay 2018 (Take 2)
July 2018 Talk: DC4420 - VPN’s and You: Why the consumer VPN market is a bit broken
October 2018 Panel:Cyber Re:coded

Wiki Contributions

Social Media

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