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I am a 4th year that will probably argue with you in current affairs. From that you should guess I have a great love of politics and stuff associated with it but still love my baby cyber.

I got in trouble for not updating so this is it.

Main interests include RE, Hardware, Radio and definitely not coding or Web shite

To be honest, my interests change all of the time and I just enjoy learning about any number of different things

I look like this:

What I Do

Date Title Resources
14th February 2018 Talk at hacksoc: Asymmetric Crypto for DummiesN/A
25th October 2017 Talk at hacksoc: Slideshow KaraokeN/A
13th September 2017 Talk at hacksoc: Two Way Mirrors and Traffic, How Do They Correlate? (slides)
15th February 2017 Talk at hacksoc: Breaking the Bank: An Introduction to Fintech Security (slides)
2nd November 2016 Talk at hacksoc: Slideshow KaraokeN/A
12th October 2016 Talk at hacksoc: Internships N/A
6th June 2016 Talk at BSides London 2016: Social Engineering for Dummies (slides)

Get in Touch

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