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Project topic suggestions

This page will list some suggested topics for possible projects ranging from simple to expert. If you have any suggested topics, submit an issue to Wiki Github

Offensive topics

  • Malware infection vectors
  • Evaluation of penetration tools
  • OSINT techniques
  • Exploit development
    • Ask Colin for a vulnerable program, or find your own!
    • Bypassing stack canaries, ASLR and CFG/CFI
  • IOT hacking
  • Social engineering/Spear phishing
  • Layer 2 or 3 attacks
  • Evaluation of an exploit eg Dirtyc0w

Defensive topics

  • Configuration of Splunk, or something like it
  • Build, configure and evaluare GRSec or SELinux
  • Hardening guide for a particular OS
  • Something IDS related
  • Read blue team field manual and do something from that

Privacy topics

  • Set up and configure TOR
  • Comparison of encrypted messengers
  • Evaluation of Protonmail and encrypted email clients
  • Setting up, using and deploying PGP

Other topics

  • Evaluate a network protocol
  • Set up and evaluate something like Pi-Hole, or something like that
  • Evaluate a tool you use personally eg Little Flocker or Little Snitch on Mac

These projects are perfect to do for your personal projects in 2nd and 3rd year, as well as talks at society. If you need help, ask!

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