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 Further, the elected member would only retain power until the end of August 2018. The position will reopen for self-nominations two weeks prior to the society'​s AGM (date tba), along with the executive committee positions. Further, the elected member would only retain power until the end of August 2018. The position will reopen for self-nominations two weeks prior to the society'​s AGM (date tba), along with the executive committee positions.
 +===== Notes =====
 +  * Callan - Proposal
 +    * Want to embrace more social events
 +    * Want to reach out to more societies
 +    * Have game nights, DND nights
 +    * Too much of a focus on younger years, need to have more activities for later years
 +    * Intent on having more organised events through the society (paintball, etc)
 +    * Wants to have the position to be on executive level
 +      * Have the position be a tie breaker
 +      * Be more involved with the running of the society
 +      * Host more discussions and have more opinions heard during committee meetings
 +    * Another person would allow the work load to be spread out during complex situations (Slack incident, etc.)
 +    * HackSoc is a special society and has a lot of supporting infrastructure for running events on the SA's side
 +      * VAT registered
 +      * Already runs an event, easy to run more
 +    * Spoke with 3rd and 4th years who were discontent with the running of the society
 +      * Other societies with small budgets/​memberships run more events than HackSoc
 +        * FemSoc runs dinners, galas, etc.
 +      * More events would encourage more member participation
 +      * We don't run CTFs
 +        * Comparison to enusec running a CTF with fanduel
 +    * In summary, wants the society to do more with the resources it has and another committee member would assist in doing so.
 +  * Callan - Questions
 +    * How will a having a designated person help? We've run events in the past with low attendance
 +      * An events coordinator would take more time reach out to the general student populace
 +    * Five heads is better than four, but more heads creates more cross discussion.
 +      * Scale of the society adding more requirements to the committee adds more of a bottle neck
 +      * Fifth member would assist with the work being done
 +    * What would this role do? Events management or public relations?
 +      * Both. The person would use the events as an opportunity to grow relationships with other societies.
 +    * You said 3rd and 4th years feel excluded but the 3rd and 4th years are very cliquey. Is this why?
 +      * 3rd years are alone while 2nd and 4th years group up.
 +      * Need to be more inclusive as a society as a whole.
 +    * Wasn't the sitting issue more of a problem at The Market? This hasn't been as much of a problem with Bar One/The Old Market
 +      * Valid point. This was based off the society during first semester.
 +      * The society seems closed off and people might be afraid to join in.
 +    * The events won't change people sitting here. People go to the society to see their friends.
 +      * Valid point.
 +    * Won't increasing outreach and the size of the community create more cliques or groups?
 +      * I think the welcoming atmosphere is gone and it feels off to approach the different groups.
 +      * The cliqueness is dying off but events would help more with this.
 +    * Responsibilities:​ H&S is paperwork but first aid is actual training. Would the committee be trained?
 +      * Would have to discuss with the uni
 +      * Need to get a risk assessment
 +    * You spoke with FemSoc, how many events do they run?
 +      * Didn't speak with FemSoc.
 +      * Don't know how many events they run.
 +      * Just have a bunch of emails.
 +    * We are all computer nerds and a lot of us are afraid to be forward. Might be intimidating for shy people. Haven'​t really mixed much with other years. Other unis have hackathons, CTFs, but we don't run anything similar.
 +      * Valid Point.
 +  * Committee - Counterpoint
 +    * The committee do not support this proposal.
 +    * The secretary wrote most of the proposal.
 +      * The SA considers the proposal to be incomplete and would'​ve rejected it.
 +      * Secretary spent their own time to allow it to be heard.
 +    * The society is classed as an Academic Society
 +      * We would have social events, not events due to the nature of our society
 +      * The name of the officer may cause confusion with Securi-Tay
 +    * Position is non-executive
 +      * Cannot vote in Securi-Tay meetings as they'​re separate from the society itself
 +      * Member would be excluded from the committee ​
 +    * Implementation
 +      * Would not be involved in Securi-Tay this year but would still immediately be brought in this year
 +      * By the time the member would join, there would only be a few weeks left in the term
 +    * Reasons to not support
 +      * Non-exec seems pointless
 +      * Hannah & Jess have been organising Shindig, are not committee members
 +        * HackSoc control the money to prevent fraud
 +        * Could not possibly run Securi-Tay and Shindig in parallel
 +        * They'​re effectively social officers as it stands
 +        * Merely would just add a title
 +      * Officer might feel left out as we'd have two committee chats to exclude from Securi-Tay
 +      * Not having a position means we can have multiple people doing organisation
 +    * Had plans to visit Bletchley and ScotKart but had to deal with Nazis
 +      * 2 hour long meetings, twice a week with the SA
 +      * Took a month to resolve
 +      * Took an unbelievable mental toll on all of the committee members
 +    * We do run events
 +      * Go to the Ladywell and have events there
 +      * Participated in CSAW CTF from the lab
 +      * George from Cisco ran a CTF
 +      * Only 12 people have signed up for Symantec
 +      * We run events but people don't show up
 +    * How often will we run events?
 +      * Committee already have plenty of planning in place and are running events
 +      * Why do we need to dedicate a whole person to events?
 +    * Budget
 +      * We are Abertay'​s richest and biggest society
 +      * We need to be able to put money behind Securi-Tay deposits
 +      * Had we organised more events last year, we would'​ve had to ask for donations
 +      * We'd rather spend money on buying kit that many people can use
 +      * Better spending of our money as an academic society
 +    * Feedback
 +      * Had 56 survey responses
 +      * Nobody mentioned events
 +      * We immediately acted on the survey responses and abandoned The Market
 +  * Committee - Question
 +    * Nazis: Wouldn'​t a fifth member help keep things running while the remaining committee members fix things?
 +      * No, because they'd be blocked by other committee members for approval
 +    * Shindig: Association with HackSoc
 +      * Have had issues with fraud in previous years
 +      * Involves all of AMG as opposed to just HackSoc
 +      * Arranged with the SA back in June/July to handle financials to avoid fraud
 +    * Can the committee have commit to having a social event?
 +      * Would like to have a BBQ in the HMC to involve more members
 +    * Is there a demand from people to organise events? Ad-hoc events for BSides Lisbon with no issues. Why not just run social events yourself?
 +      * We've never heard this from anyone
 +      * Organised BSides Vienna, Lisbon, days to Edinburgh with no issues
 +      * Only Securi-Tay requires a committee wide coordination because of the budgetary issues
 +    * Would Callan immediately be the new committee member?
 +      * No, we'd hold an EGM in two weeks and then later on have an AGM for next year
 +    * Callan would rather the position be an exec position. Wasn't aware of the details of how the proposal should be handled. Was expecting the new committee member would have equal power as the remaining committee. Why didn't the committee ask the society for help with planning?
 +      * Should'​ve handed the events off. Made a mistake.
 +    * CTFs were announced last minute. Having a dedicated person for events would allow us to announce events later as we'd have more time for planning.
 +      * Announced in Slack but could'​ve mentioned more to the general membership.
 +    * Survey didn't specifically ask about events, so people could'​ve just not thought about it until now.
 +    * Should trial the position and then reevaluate it in a year.
 +    * If an event coordinator wanted an event, would the exec committee need to have a vote?
 +      * Sort of. If the event needs money it'd need approval.
 +    * SA can arrange for non-exec HEAR accreditation
 +    * FemSoc shouldn'​t be used as a comparison because it's a social society. Our social events benefit charities. If HackSoc tried to replicate something on the same scale the charity appeal would fall short.
 +    * Money is a concern when going to social events, regardless of who organises them.
 +  * General Discussion
 +    * We should embrace the hacker ethos and try to make this change.
 +    * Should attempt to have more events to bring in different groups of people.
 +    * Not lacking social events, just lacking events that involve people.
 +===== Results =====
 +Vote failed to pass. 12 in favour, 29 no, 1 abstain.
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