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Semester 1

Date (2019) Agenda Speakers Resources Attendees
11 September Surviving Ethical Hacking Tia Cotton, Colm Scott, Aidan Quinn Housekeeping Surviving Hacking 146
18 September PDF: An Attackers Weapon of Choice & Beware the Ducky! Jess Amery, Euan Miller Housekeeping Beware The Ducky 102
25 September Rubik's Cube CTF Workshop Sarah Cunningham Housekeeping Rubik's Cube CTF 95
02 October DFIR 101 - An Introduction to Reactive Security Morven MacKellar Housekeeping DFIR 101 80
09 October A Fucking Offensive Introduction to Security - What The Fuck is pentesting Andy Gill 102
16 October The Vulnerability Arms Race Jamie O'Hare The Vulnerability Arms Race 83
23 October Internship Week Jess Amery, Michael Kleinman, Rory Mulhearn and Declan Doyle 66
30 October Slideshow Karaoke Various Speakers N/A 49
6th November Lockpicking Workshop Steve Wilson Slides maybe soon 71
13th November EGM The Committee N/A 54
20th November Lightning Talks: DIY Hackintosh, Impostor Syndrome, Ricing Linux Max Ring, Nathan Shahid, Sam Heney (respectively) Hackintosh Slides Hackintosh Guide Linux Customisation 101 49
27th November How to Avoid Facial Recognition Software Mairi McQueer 45
4th December Coursework Help N/A 5
11th December Christmas CTF Extravaganza Sam Heney 14
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