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Semester 1

Date (2016) Agenda Speakers Resources
7 September Surviving BSc Ethical Hacking Mikey & Niall Slides
14 September Open Source Intelligence Kyle None
21 September Personal Projects Adam Rapley, Ellis Richmond, Jack Wilson None
28 September Lightning Talks Niall, Henri Watson, Mikey Slides
5 October HackSoc Social
12 October Internships William Goard, Lisa Fiander, Pete Cowman, Callan, Daniel Gordon, Greg Hill None
19 October BAE Systems' and Raytheon's CTFs Greg Hill, Jordan Constantine, Kyle, Niall, Adam Rapley, Mikey, & zrone Slides
26 October Why Shouldn't I Work for the NSA? Mikey Slides
2 November Slideshow Karaoke Josh, Corey, Euan, Callan, Jeremy, James B, James M, Michaela
9 November BlackHat EU Highlights Adam Rapley None
23 November one, two step Henri Watson None
30 November Debate Night: IP Bill Everyone None
7 December HackSoc Social Everyone None

Semester 2

Date (2017) Agenda Speakers Resources
18 January Pass The Hash Ellis Richmond Slides
25 January 2016 in Review Mikey, Corey Forbes, Euan Miller, and Declan Slides
1 February Breaking the Heart of a Hospital James McGoldrick Slides
8 February Phishing - What PETA doesn't Complain About Corey Forbes & Michaela Stewart Slides
15 February Breaking the Bank: An Introduction to Fintech Security Callan Slides
22 February Vulnerability Assessment Workshop – Real World Difficulties Mathew Burton-Payne & Grant Douglas None
1 March Securi-Tay Debrief William Goard, Niall, Martyn Roan, Henri Videos are up!
8 March 802.11x Probe Request Frames Jordan Constantine None
15 March Lightning Talks: Sandbox Detection & Evasion, A Brief Look Into Scada System Security & Trusting Trust Niall, James, Mikey Slides: Trusting Trust - Mikey SCADA - James
22 March Extraordinary General Meeting The Committee None
29 March Conference summary: CyberUK17 Kyle CyberUK17
12 April Annual General Meeting Various None
19 April Slideshow Karaoke Various None
26 April Attack Vectors in Computer Security William Goard Slides
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