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 [[https://​​~adrian/​630-f04/​PGP-intro.html|PGP Intro]] by Carnegie Melon University\\ [[https://​​~adrian/​630-f04/​PGP-intro.html|PGP Intro]] by Carnegie Melon University\\
 [[https://​​en/​module/​key-verification|Key Verification]] by EFF\\ [[https://​​en/​module/​key-verification|Key Verification]] by EFF\\
-[[https://​​grugq/​03167bed45e774551155|Operational PGP]] by the Gurq(not basic)+[[https://​​grugq/​03167bed45e774551155|Operational PGP]] by the Gurq (not basic) ​\\ 
 +[[https://​​@thegrugq/​the-zen-of-pgp-6f55d44657dd | The Zen of PGP]] by the grugq
 ===== Practice ===== ===== Practice =====
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