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   - Done   - Done
-===== Site Clone =====+===== Extensions ​=====
 +==== Social Engineering ====
 +=== Web Cloner ===
 +The Web Cloner extension allows you to take a pixel for pixel clone, as far as is possible((Custom £600 fonts and social medial widgets are a PITA)), of a site and host it yourself. Cloned pages are modified on the fly to automatically hook any user that visits the page as well as intercept any ''​form''​ field POST requests. ​
 +The post [[http://​​2012/​09/​beef-web-cloning-beef-mass-mailing.html|'​BeEF web cloning, BeEF mass mailing, Social Engineering with better BeEF!'​]] has a more detailed intro to the Web Cloner and a getting started using ''​curl''​.
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